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Hawk7's mission is to empower everyone to be part of more. We strive to make investing accessible, transparent and efficient so that innovative projects can find the necessary support and resources to materialize.

Our goal is to create an ecosystem where creators and investors can collaborate on projects that can change the world. We provide a platform to share ideas, resources and passion for progress.

Key Benefits


Hawk7 opens its doors to investors of all levels, allowing them to invest in projects they like.


Project authors can set their own funding terms and investors can choose how they want to participate.


We provide complete information about each project so that investors can make informed decisions.

Community support

We bring together a community of like-minded people around each project to provide support & advice.

How it works

Join our community of innovators and be part of the next big discovery.


For investors

  1. RegistrationCreate an account and explore the project catalog.

  2. Project SelectionDiscover a project that inspires you and learn more about it.

  3. InvestingInvest in your chosen project and track its progress.

  4. Receipt of remunerationReceive rewards based on the success of the project and the level of support selected.


For project authors

  1. Submitting an applicationSign up to submit your project and set funding goals.

  2. Campaign developmentCreate an attractive presentation of your project with clear goals and rewards for investors.

  3. LaunchOnce approved, launch your campaign and start raising funds.

  4. RealizationRaise the necessary funds and get the project underway, keeping your investors informed at all stages of development.

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